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Is the Presidential Race Really That Tight?

Mitt Romney’s beliefs on the origins of manEven those living under a rock know that there is a Presidential election taking place in 2012 in the United States. The press of course makes it out to be this very narrow race that will be settled at the last minute. They highlight the national polls that show the two primary candidates within only a few points of each other. Anytime the challenger is within the margin of error, the news pundits love to say that the race is too close to call.

However, is this really accurate?

News companies are companies and need ratings and readers, so sensationalism sells. In truth, the Presidential election is not decided by popular vote. Continue reading →


Should the South Be in Play for Obama?

El exgobernador de Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, ganó en su estado tras ...There are certain things that are assumed in modern politics: some politicians will fall every year from sordid scandals, the parties will make passing any bill a political Iwo Jima for all but the most trivial legislation and the South will go solidly Republican in Presidential elections. Certainly, that trend seems to be in play this election cycle. Obama is deeply unpopular throughout the region for his progressive policies and healthcare reform package. The South is safely Republican.

Or is it?

As disliked as Obama is in the South his opponent Mitt Romney has not exactly been embraced by the South for a variety of reasons. Evangelicals might find his choice of religion troublesome. He has a history of flip flopping on policy, an anathema to Southerners who crave consistency from their leaders. Finally, Romney is a card carrying member of the New England elite, a class that is not particularly held in high esteem throughout the South.

Another factor is that at the state and local level the South is anything but solidly Republican. Continue reading →