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Taking Mom out Around Town in Style

I spent a lot of time on http://www.toronto-limo.com to make sure I would pick out just the right vehicle for Mom’s 60th birthday celebration. With an assist from my father, I knew I could swing a really swanky ride for when we would take Mom out for a jaunt around town. She expected to spend her birthday at home with my father, her children, a few close friends, but we had other ideas. We thought we would really splurge and take her out and about in a nice ride. We planned on going to several places around Toronto for her birthday.

The arrangements took some subterfuge as their was always the danger that someone close to her would spill the beans. Continue reading →


Scary Slumber on the Road

I’ve learned a hard lesson this year, and that was to never try driving at night while feeling sleepy. I had to travel home in the middle of the night, and thought that a cup of coffee would be enough to keep me awake. I nodded off for a split second and crashed my car into a stop sign. The crash and the airbags going off in my car forced me out of my sleep. My car had to be towed and I was fined for the stop sign. I visited a Chandler auto accident chiropractor to have my back examined.

Since the accident there was a lingering pain in my back that would sometimes become more intense at random. Continue reading →


I Can Do So Much More Now

As a college student, having a computer and decent access to the Internet is very important if you do not live in a dorm. I live at home with my parents, and we live somewhere that there has previously been no high-speed service at all since our little mountain town first got access in the first place. But I read in the paper last week that we can now look to see which Hughes net plans we want to get for home service, and some of them are high speed! This is great news for everyone here.

I worried that I might not be able to afford anything faster than I am already getting. Continue reading →


Getting out of the Old Place

Of course it is not my choice exactly. The landlord came around the other day with his wife and this other person. It was sort of obvious what was up and they started out by telling me that they had decided to sell the place. Then later on they said they had changed their mind and instead they were raising the rent by two hundred dollars per months. It was eventually settled on a hundred dollar increase, but then a week later they said I had to get out of here and so I started packing my stuff up. I put most of it in this this storage place that is a couple of blocks away from w here I lived and so very convenient to me. The whole thing was just like that. Continue reading →


Limos from Stretch to Party Buses

People think of the stretch limo when they hear anything about limousines. There are a lot more vehicles available at limousine services than just the stretch variety-although they are pretty cool. There is the standard stretch sedan type of limo. Then there are the bigger ones such as the Hummer limo. It is really cool looking. It is a cross between tough and luxurious. Then there are smaller vehicles such as luxury sedans and SUVs for VIP transport when there will only be one or two passengers. You can read more about them and even learn about a very unique class of limousine.

Both small and large bus chassis’ are being made into limos. Lots of people refer to them as party buses. The big ones hold up to 45 passengers. Typically they have bar areas for serving drinks and plenty of ice chests to keep beverages cold. Some have large screen televisions, and pretty much all of them will let you play your Mp3 music collection. Some models have a dance floor. Can you imagine dancing on a bus?

Limo buses seat from 20 to 45 passengers. Continue reading →


Is the Presidential Race Really That Tight?

Mitt Romney’s beliefs on the origins of manEven those living under a rock know that there is a Presidential election taking place in 2012 in the United States. The press of course makes it out to be this very narrow race that will be settled at the last minute. They highlight the national polls that show the two primary candidates within only a few points of each other. Anytime the challenger is within the margin of error, the news pundits love to say that the race is too close to call.

However, is this really accurate?

News companies are companies and need ratings and readers, so sensationalism sells. In truth, the Presidential election is not decided by popular vote. Continue reading →


Should the South Be in Play for Obama?

El exgobernador de Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, ganó en su estado tras ...There are certain things that are assumed in modern politics: some politicians will fall every year from sordid scandals, the parties will make passing any bill a political Iwo Jima for all but the most trivial legislation and the South will go solidly Republican in Presidential elections. Certainly, that trend seems to be in play this election cycle. Obama is deeply unpopular throughout the region for his progressive policies and healthcare reform package. The South is safely Republican.

Or is it?

As disliked as Obama is in the South his opponent Mitt Romney has not exactly been embraced by the South for a variety of reasons. Evangelicals might find his choice of religion troublesome. He has a history of flip flopping on policy, an anathema to Southerners who crave consistency from their leaders. Finally, Romney is a card carrying member of the New England elite, a class that is not particularly held in high esteem throughout the South.

Another factor is that at the state and local level the South is anything but solidly Republican. Continue reading →